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UMD Home is a licensed, insured, full service general contractor. Owner Michel Gagnon is a Colorado native with over thirty years experience. Proficient in all phases of construction, UMD home is set apart by our unfailing desire to provide the best possible finished product. High standards, thoughtful organization and careful planning serve to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. As often occurs in the construction process, the team may face challenges – either budgetary or design related along the way. UMD Home provides options for solutions at every stage of a project.



UMD Home offers Pre Construction Services such as;

  • Value Engineering
  • RFPs for bidding purposes
  • Coordination of project teams

UMD Home has strong relationships with skilled contractors who care about honestly adding value to the project. The ideal project for UMD Home is centrally located and focused on simply the best methods for the applicable budget.

“constructing your vision”